Welcome to PGN Fall 2018 Rush

Rush and the City

Closed rush applications are due on September 9th by 1PM.

Please feel free to email pgn.rush@gmail.comif you have any questions.

Senior Rush Chair

Senior Rush Chair

Junior Rush Chair

Junior Rush Chair

Junior Rush Chair


Meet us halfway

Penn PGN welcomes you to Fall 2018 Rush: Rush and the City. Come meet brothers at our three open rush events.

Meet the Brothers

9/4 @ 7PM-9PM

Come meet our brothers in an informal setting to talk about Greek life, professional fraternities, and more.
Bubble tea will be served.

Internship Panel

9/5 @ 7PM-8:30PM

Meet brothers who've interned at firms from Goldman Sachs to Facebook.
Donuts will be served.


9/7 @ TBA

(Message a brother for further details)
Come unwind after the first week of class.


We are the Premier Professional Business Fraternity
at the University of Pennsylvania

With every undergraduate school and dual degree program represented among our members, we strive for the utmost academic and professional excellence. Our diverse brotherhood has members from around the globe and around the country, who all share a common interest in business and professional success.


The Rush process is meant to provide an introduction to the culture and members of the Delta Lambda chapter of Phi Gamma Nu.

It consists of a series of professional and social events designed to help prospective members ("Rushes") to determine whether or not our fraternity is the right fit for them and they are a right fit for our fraternity. Rushes who express interest and show promise during the first set of Open Rush events will be offered the opportunity to build stronger relationships with Brothers during Closed Rush. At the end of the Rush process, Bids will be delivered to Rushes who have been selected to continue with the process of entering the Brotherhood.

Do I have to be in Wharton?

No - all students are welcome. We do, however, require that all candidates have a demonstrated interest in business and/or economics.

What kind of commitment is pledging?

Many brothers compare pledging to taking an extra class or being involved in a dance club or performing arts group. They also note that it is an experience that they couldn't imagine not going through!

If I pledge, will I be hazed or forced to drink alcohol?

Absolutely not. Our organization is committed to creating a pledge process that is beneficial to your social and professional growth. You will not be forced to do anything that you do not wish to do.

What are PGN's principles?

Phi Gamma Nu is built on three pillars: Professionalism, Philanthropy, Community. We rely on these pillars for direction in everything that we do.

What is the difference between the three business fraternities?

The culture! Since each business fraternity consists of different people, each has a different feel to it. We encourage you to explore all three business fraternities on campus in order to determine which is the right fit for you.

Am I allowed to Rush all three frats?

Yes. We encourage you to attend at least one event hosted by all three frats to see which fraternity fits you best!

I'm a freshman. Can I rush in the Fall?

No. Freshmen can only rush during the Spring semester. Fall Rush is open to Upperclassmen only (Sophomores and above) Spring Rush, however is open to everyone!