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The Delta Lambda Chapter of Phi Gamma Nu Professional Business Fraternity is one of three business fraternities at the University of Pennsylvania. Phi Gamma Nu values professionalism, brotherhood, and diversity. Our driven and dedicated group of brothers represent all four of Penn's schools and come from all around the world, with a common interest in business and a goal of developing professionalism both individually and within the Penn community.

The world of business is diverse, different, dedicated. At Phi Gamma Nu, so are we.

Every year our chapter hosts a variety of professional events both independently and in conjunction with other professional and student-run organizations. Our reach also extends beyond just business-we participate in several philanthropy events and social gatherings throughout the year. Brothers of Phi Gamma Nu are extremely active both within the fraternity and out. When not busy with PGN events, our brothers engage themselves in diverse interests and are leaders of other organizations on campus, including Wharton Asia Exchange, Mock Trial, PennSem, and SFCU. We encourage brothers to pursue their passions and in turn, truly value and benefit from the different contributions of our members.

As the smallest of the three business fraternities on campus, we have a tight-knit brotherhood that extends to our ever-expanding alumni network. Brothers remain close to Phi Gamma Nu even after graduation, and we are proud of their various accomplishments. At Phi Gamma Nu, we are always seeking change and improvement, creating opportunities, sparking creativity and building our organization.


Since its inauguration, the Delta Lambda Chapter of Phi Gamma Nu has followed the Governing Principles of the National Chapter. As a chapter of the National Fraternity, the Delta Lambda Chapter has embraced the personality and spirit of its founding members. At the University of Pennsylvania, we are unique in having created an organization based on diversity: we believe that opportunities for the study of business should be open to all, regardless of social or academic background.

Accordingly, we have established the following governing ideals:

  • The foster of the study of business among ALL students at the University of Pennsylvania Opportunities in professionalism, philanthropy, and community service, and social activities
  • Engagement in and building of a strong network of dedicated members and alumni
  • Encouragement of high scholarship, collaborative participation, and the association of students for the mutual advancement of the members of Phi Gamma Nu.


Phi Gamma Nu embraces change in the status quo. As the third and newest of the three professional business fraternities at the University of Pennsylvania, Phi Gamma Nu embodies opportunity and provides an alternative to the standards set by its peers. Through its vested interested in both professionalism and service, Phi Gamma Nu has the distinction of being the only Professional Business Fraternity dedicated to the advancement of all interests at the University of Pennsylvania.

In accord with our Mission proclaimed by our Founding Members, the objects of the Delta Lambda Chapter of Phi Gamma Nu at the University of Pennsylvania shall be:

  1. To provide students with the framework for group participation in campus, community, professional, and fraternity affairs
  2. To serve as the medium through which students with common professional interests can develop lasting relationships among themselves as well as practicing professionals.
  3. To conduct extensive programs of speakers, tours, trips, forums, seminars, service projects, and research projects designed to broaden the professional experience of its members and the community.
  4. To maintain an extensive alumni network aimed at providing members with future internship and employment opportunities.
  5. To foster brotherhood through the establishment of long-lasting traditions and honors.


The Delta Lambda Chapter of Phi Gamma Nu was founded in September 2003 by the Founding Five: Shachar Golan, Ian Lin, Kelsey Schwenk, Kathy Cernocky, and Sara Haq. The Chapter was officially initiated by the National Office on December 7, 2003. Since then, the Delta Lambda Chapter has grown to become a thriving organization that has changed nature of professional fraternities at the University of Pennsylvania. Through the initiatives of Professionalism, Philanthropy, and Community, Phi Gamma Nu has established a tradition of excellence.



Phi Gamma Nu is unique in its dedication to fostering professional advancement in the greater Penn community, rather than among ourselves alone. In addition to multiple professional events each semester, Phi Gamma Nu hosts the largest student-organized career fair on campus. Over the past two years, the fair has hosted, on average, 900 students each year – both undergraduate and graduate students of all majors from the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School. We believe our dedication to hosting an event of this magnitude is a testament to our dedication to the greater Penn community.



Phi Gamma Nu is dedicated to service. While Phi Gamma Nu regularly engages in numerous events to benefit foundations like CARE, Big Brother Big Sister, and the American Cancer Society, our fraternity is also the creator of Balls for Balls - a matzoh ball eating contest, where all proceeds benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This original fundraising event is just one example of our focus on fresh, creative events.



Phi Gamma Nu is dedicated to promoting brotherhood within our fraternity. This past semester, the Delta Lambda Chapter attended its first convention with the Penn State and Ohio University Chapters. With this event, the Delta Lambda Chapter anticipates a tradition of close networking with the national Phi Gamma Nu community.


Phi Gamma Nu proudly upholds Three National Pillars which represent the underlying ideals of the fraternity. As such, events and activities organized by Phi Gamma Nu brothers work to fulfill these goals in practice.


Phi Gamma Nu seeks to constantly spread interest in the business field throughout college campuses. To this end, the National Board promotes the chapters' organization of creative professional events including networking workshops and speaker events.


Through Philanthropy, Phi Gamma Nu chapters are able to build strong bonds with their respective communities as well. As the fraternity's brothers believe in civic responsibility, chapters nationwide organize and participate in community outreach events like fundraisers and benefit walks/runs.


Phi Gamma Nu believes in upholding the interest of our Alma Maters through the encouragement of high scholarship, participation in school activities, and awareness of important issues and current events on and around campus.

By executing these Three National Pillars, Phi Gamma Nu advances in the pursuit of its goals as a premier business fraternity. We believe that by fostering professionalism, service, and community, we can develop a group of PGN brothers well prepared for future endeavors.


  1. To be a medium through which students with common professional interests can develop lasting relationships among themselves and with practicing professionals.
  2. To provide an environment outside the classroom where students might broaden their understanding of business.
  3. To foster the professional development of students through tours, forums, speakers and research projects.
  4. To stress the importance of high professional ethics, rigid standards and exemplary practices.
  5. To encourage chapters to set up committees that promote involvement in social, community, professional and fund raising activities.
  6. To encourage chapters to follow the rules established by the National Bylaws.
  7. To prepare student members for the transition from the college atmosphere to the business world.
  8. To unite faculty, students, and business professionals through common affiliation in a fraternal organization.


Phi Gamma Nu was founded at Northwestern University on February 24, 1924. Under the leadership of Sylvia Arnold, six devoted women initiated what was to become one of the premier business fraternities in the United States: Phi Gamma Nu. In 1924, the organization was established under the Three National Pillars - Professionalism, Philanthropy, and Community.

In 1974, in accordance with Title IX Act of 1974 issued by the United States Congress, Phi Gamma Nu opened its membership as a co-educational fraternity.

Since then, Phi Gamma Nu has grown to become a national, influential, and dedicated organization, devoted to professionalism, service, and brotherhood. Today, there are 103 Phi Gamma Nu chapters nationwide.


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